The Eric Python IDE

New snapshot of eric 5.3 released
snapshot-5.2-20120430 of eric5 has been released.
This snapshot fixes some bugs and includes these changes and enhancements.


  • added capability to change the colours of the edit area independent from the colours of the system style


  • added capability to save project tasks automatically (configurable on project configuration page of configuration dialog)


  • changed the tasks handling to allow for more fine grained task designations


  • added a tool to take screenshots (fullscreen, selected screen, rectangular selection, elliptical selection or freehand selection)

Version Control System Interfaces


  • added support for the graft command as of Mercurial 2.0
  • added support for Phases as of Mercurial 2.1


  • changed code to make the subversion plug-ins compatible with the new generation working copy meta-data format

Web Browser

  • extended the check for acceptable SSL certificates for indication via the URL entry field
  • extended the web page context menu by several entries to send links or the selected text, handling the clicked frame, translate the selected text with Google Translate and search it in Wictionary
  • extended the User Agent handling to be able to set the string on a host basis (next to the global user agent string)
  • added code to save the current page as a screen shot
  • added capability to synchronize bookmarks, history, passwords and user agent settings via an FTP server or a shared directory
  • added the ClickToFlash plug-in to (temporarily) block Flash and related content
  • added capability to suppress Referer Headers (configurable via eric4 Web Browser configuration page)
  • added capability to select the first nine tabs by pressing Alt+1 to Alt+9 and to switch to the last tab by pressing Alt+0
  • added a Speed Dial to the web browser including the capability to select the first ten pages by pressing Meta+1 to Meta+0
  • added a history sub-menu showing the most visited sites
  • added the capability to restore closed tabs
  • added a bookmarks importer to get them directly from other browsers files
  • extended bookmarks to hold a description and various timestamps
  • added capability to manage the QtHelp filter attributes
  • added a page to the site info dialog to show web databases of the site



  • added support for the various pattern syntaxes

Third Party packages

  • updated to Pygments 1.5