The Eric Python IDE

New snapshot of eric 5.3 released
snapshot-5.3-20121101 of eric5 has been released.
This snapshot fixes some bugs and includes these changes and enhancements.


  • introduced a "workspace" directory that is used as the default for opening or saving new files or projects (configurable on Multiproject config page)

Code Coverage

  • enhanced the code coverage dialog functionality

Configuration Dialog

  • added a filter edit to filter the configuration tree

Debug Viewer

  • added the configurable capability to automatically show the source, when the call frame is changed in the callstack viewer of the local variables viewer


  • added capability to mark changed lines and to navigate between them

Graphics Dialogs

  • added capability to store and load diagrams to/from disk
  • improved the package diagram to include subpackages and their module names
  • added the capability to rebuild a diagram without losing the current item positions


  • added the 'addSideWidget()' and 'removeSideWidget()' methods to the UserInterface class to allow plug-in developers to add a plug-in widget to the left or bottom side containers


  • made the selectable project types of the project properties dialog dependent upon the selected programming language

Version Control System Interfaces


  • added support for --log and --dry-run to the hg graft operation as of Mercurial 2.3.0
  • added code to disable the (deprecated) transplant menu for Mercurial 2.3.0

Web Browser

  • added context menu entries for HTML5 media elements
  • added a personal information manager to assist in completing form fields through field context menu entries or by pressing Ctrl+Return or Ctrl+Enter
  • added support for GreaseMonkey scripts
  • added an icon to the status bar to give direct access to AdBlock
  • rewrote huge part of AdBlock to speed up
  • added support for dependent AdBlock subscriptions
  • added support for AdBlock exceptions
  • added support for AdBlock checksum checking when downloading a subscription
  • added support for variable AdBlock update periods (given in subscription)
  • changed FTP support to use Python's ftplib instead of QFtp because the later ┬áis not supported in Qt5 anymore
  • added a handler for file: schemes to allow directory listings