The Eric Python IDE

New snapshot of eric 5.3 released
snapshot-5.3-20130106 of eric5 has been released.


  • added support for Qt5 (experimental)


  • added the capability to trace function calls and returns to the Python 2 and Python 3 debuggers

Debug Viewer

  • added a viewer for call trace logs


  • added actions to search for the next/previous occurence of the current word (default shortcuts Ctrl+. and Ctrl+,)
  • added some icons to the "Languages" and "End-of-Line Type" context menus


  • added a simple IRC client

Spell Checker

  • added a dialog to edit the various spell checking dictionaries

Syntax Checker

  • added capability to the syntax checker dialog to show all errors/warnings in an editor when the file entry is double activated

User Interface

  • changed the layout of the right side widgets and added a sub menu for the switching between the 'inner' windows.
  • added a notification system

View Manager

  • added actions to open the find in files and replace in files dialogs in a mode that searches open files only
  • change the status labels for programming language and end-of-line type to show an icon