The Eric Python IDE

eric5 5.3.0 released
eric5 5.3.0 includes all the bug fixes of eric 5.2.x and these new and enhanced functions.
  • introduced a "workspace" directory that is used as the default for opening or saving new files or projects (configurable on Multiproject config page)
  • added support for Qt5 (experimental)
Configuration Dialog
  • added a filter edit to filter the configuration tree
  • added the capability to trace function calls and returns to the Python 2 and Python 3 debuggers
Debug Viewer
  • added the configurable capability to automatically show the source, when the call frame is changed in the callstack viewer of the local variables viewer
  • added a viewer for call trace logs
  • added capability to change the colours of the edit area independant from the colours of the system style
  • added capability to mark changed lines and to navigate between them
  • added actions to search for the next/previous occurence of the current word (default shortcuts Ctrl+. and Ctrl+,)
Graphics Dialogs
  • added capability to store and load diagrams to/from disk
  • improved the package diagram to include subpackages and their module names
  • added the capability to rebuild a diagram without losing the current item positions
  • added a simple IRC client
Log Viewer
  • added the capability to search in the recorded log
  • added capability to save project tasks automatically (configurable on project configuration page of configuration dialog)
  • made the selectable project types of the project properties dialog dependent upon the selected programming language
  • added a tool to take screenshots (fullscreen, selected screen, rectangular selection, elliptical selection or freehand selection)
Spell Checker
  • added a dialog to edit the various spell checking dictionaries
Syntax Checker
  • added capability to the syntax checker dialog to show all errors/warnings in an editor when the file entry is double activated
  • changed the tasks handling to allow for more fine grained task designations
User Interface
  • added a notification system
Version Control System Interfaces
1. All
  • added code to ensure, that some eric specific files and directories get ignored
  • improved the copy/move operation a bit
2. Mercurial    
  • added support for the graft command as of Mercurial 2.0
  • added support for Phases as of Mercurial 2.1
  • added support for amending commits as of Mercurial 2.2
  • added support for sub-repositories
  • added support for --log and --dry-run to the hg graft operation as of Mercurial 2.3.0
  • added code to disable the (deprecated) transplant menu for Mercurial 2.3.0
3. Subversion
  • changed code to make the subversion plug-ins compatible with the new generation working copy meta-data format
  • added capability to select from existing change lists and added a dialog to browse the change lists
View Manager
  • added actions to open the find in files and replace in files dialogs in a mode that searches open files only
Web Browser
  • too many extensions to list here (see changelog for details)