Tutorial: implementing a web browser with eric4, Python and QWebKit

The purpose of this tutorial is to show, step by step, how to use eric4 to implement a little web browser with eric4, Python and Qt4's QWebKit.

Qt designer is used to arrange three widgets in main window: a QLineEdit which will be used to type urls into a QPushButton to start the navigation to the url typed, and a QWebView which will render the html content. The tutorial shows how a web browser can be implemented with Python, PyQt and Qt typing just a very small amount of code. Eric4 will do all the rest of the job!

The purpose of this tutorial is to quickly explain how to:

However, this tutorial is not:

When following along the tutorial, rather than copy/pasting the code from these html pages you should download a copy of the project.
It is better to use the downloaded eric4 project because copy-pasting from the html pages could break the indentations in code, therefore causing it not to work.
Once downloaded and unzipped, you can simply open the file project with eric4 (MiniBrowser.e4p).

I hope you enjoy the tutorial and it is useful for you.
I am not by any means an expert either with Python, Qt or eric4. I just happen to like the three, and I think that this tutorial could be of help to somebody.
Therefore, if you find something wrong in it, or something that could be improved, or simply have any questions, you can drop a mail to jaimsDOTseumaATgmailDOTcom