The Eric Python IDE

Translating eric

The eric user interface is based on the Qt Toolkit and uses the capabilities of Qt to provide translated texts. The tool used to create and update such translations is "Qt Linguist".

Available Translations

As of December 2021 eric is delivered with these translations.

Maintained Translations

Unmaintained Translations

The respective translation files are part of the eric source code or can be downloaded as separate archives.

How can I help?

Everybody can support the eric translation task in two different ways.

Update an existing translation

In order to update an existing translation just open the respective file (*.ts) in Qt Linguist and translate the missing entries or correct erroneous ones. Once done the updated .ts file should be send to the eric bug email address using the built-in bug reporting function. Alternatively a ticket should be opened with the eric Issue Tracker and the file attached to it. Thereafter the exchange may be made by direct email contact.

Provide a new translation

A translation file named eric7_empty.ts is provided. This file contains all the strings of the interface that need to be translated. In order to create a new translation just replace the 'empty' part of the file name with the language code. When this file is opened the first time in Qt Linguist, it will ask for the correct target language and country variant. After these settings have been done, the task is the same as for updating an existing translation.