The Eric Python IDE

eric downloads

Download is available from Sourceforge. Alternatively you may download the latest snapshot release.

eric6 IDE

Note: Windows® users should download the .zip archive.

eric6 plug-ins

The plug-in extensions can be loaded from within eric6 by selecting Plugins ➡ Plugin Repository. The source code for the plug-ins is available via the "eric Code" page (see sidebar for the link to this page).


To be able to run eric6 you should have the following installed:

Optionally you may download and install the following python modules to make full use of the IDE and the offered plug-ins:

Installation using PyQt5 wheels

Installing eric6 and its pre-requisites is easy using the PyQt5 Python wheels. In order to have access to the suite of Qt tools and documentation it is recommended to install the Qt development environment because these tools are not part of the PyQt5 wheels.

eric Installation (Windows®)

Note: This section is valid for PyQt4 and PyQt5 before 5.7.0.