The Eric Python IDE


On this page you will find testimonials of eric users. Please feel free to send your statements for inclusion on this page.

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"Thanks to the Eric IDE and brilliant Python software, we were able to successfully finish quite a big project in the vending machines industry. The work and support of the main developer and maintainer, Detlev Offenbach, is just outstanding. It is hard to beat his professionalism, enthusiasm and support. Thank you very much."
Petr JakeŇ°, TPC


"The Eric IDE has been a game changer for bristoSOFT. The performance rivals a natively compiled program. We have not noticed any difference in speed compared to other Python IDE's. Eric is feature rich and enjoyable to use. With a world class manual it would be a all out winner! I would recommend the Eric IDE to any organization working with Python, especially the PyQt stack. Thank you for such a job well done."
Kirk A. Jackson, bristoSOFT

George Mason University

"I am a Research Professor of Solar Physics at George Mason University and use Python and Eric on a daily basis for a variety of tasks. Recently, I developed the ChiantiPy package to provide a Python interface to the CHIANTI atomic database for astrophysical spectroscopy, which I help maintain. In addition, ChiantiPy powers our web application 'Chianti on the Web' that allows users to perform many of these calculations simply from a web page. Eric has been instrumental in facilitating the development of both ChiantiPy and 'Chianti on the Web'."
Ken Dere, George Mason University


"Eric is becoming an integral part of our Python development here at Fluent. It's ability to set and trigger breakpoints in any thread is unlike any other Python debugger we have tried. Through Eric's easy to use interface and tight integration with PyQt, it has helped reduce our debugging time, particularly on Windows platforms where it is used heavily."
Andrew Bushnell, Fluent Inc.


"We use Eric3 nearly every day for developing our Kumula Business Suite. We like it because Eric3 is very fast, light-weight and flexible. Debugging is a dream. Eric3 is more than just a development environment for us - it's also a paradigm how to write user-friendly and stable apps with Python and Qt."
The Kumula Team


"We, the Climpact team, use the eric3 IDE every day for developing our climate tools. Weather is better since we found this very intuitive tool. Many features have been implemented during last year and the developer is always listening for our wishes. Thanks Detlev!"


"I am a research assistant in the Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Protein Engineering in International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw, Poland ( Our laboratory is an interdisciplinary one in one sentence overview we use and develop computational tools to better understand proteins which maintain metabolism of nucleic acids (DNA, RNA). We find Python a very useful language for our every day purposes because it is very comfortable and powerful for writing short scripts (like perl). The second advantage is that in contrary to perl with python even not very experienced programmers (like most of us here :-) ) can easily develop larger projects. In such cases eric3 IDE is tool which makes our work easier and much nicer. I have migrated to eric3 from emacs about 1,5 year ago and now can not imagine how to coding without such a goodies like a project browser, auto completion, code folding and comfortable debugger. Since that time, eric3 has rapidly spread over our laboratory and now is routinely installed on each new workstation and used by most of our programmers. Let us thank you for your constant work and development such an intuitive and powerful tool which makes python programming yet more fun."
Marcin Feder, International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology


"I just wanted to let you know that we at GymGlish use eric3 for our python development, and we find that it is a great tool to improve our productivity. Thanks for this excellent software!"
Antoine Brenner, GymGlish™


"Eric3 is being used by our core Python developers team to not only write but also debug code. And since we are one of the most active Zope/Plone/Python companies in Germany Eric3 has proven useful in a lot of situations during all kinds of projects. Compared to the other Python IDEs out there Eric3 is lightweight. The sophisticated debugger that comes with Eric3 has helped reduce our debugging time and often helped when dissecting weird data and complex data structures generated during data im- and exports."
Holger Lehmann, catWorkX GmbH ®