The Eric Python IDE

Experience with attempts to install Eric6 into an Anaconda3 Environment

I had been using the Spyder IDE within an Anaconda3 installation for PyQt5 App development. I am using Linux Mint 18.2.

I had all my necessary modules etc all installed under Anaconda3. Then Spyder changed to an IPython console rather than the previous regular Python console. This made my PyQt apps close incorrectly and 'hang', requiring a time-consuming reconnect of the IPython kernel. So, I investigated the alternative Python IDEs and concluded that Eric6 seemed like the best bet.

First Attempt

I downloaded and installed eric6 along with its dependencies such as sip and qscintilla into the Anaconda environment.

When I tried to run eric6 I got an immediate "Segmentation Fault" message. After much head scratching I succumbed and raised an issue report on the Eric website. Detlev was kind enough to reply and we collectively tried a number of things. He even installed Mint 18.2 and Anaconda to reproduce the problem, which he did. We (he) concluded that the seg fault was a result of mismatched compilations of sip or qscintilla which had crept into the Anaconda system. I couldn't fix it and neither could he.

Second Attempt

I then just installed eric6 from the repository using my regular Mint software installer and it installed with no issues and ran just fine. The only problem was that eric6 was using the Python 3.5 from my Mint installation and so it couldn't 'see' all my modules and libraries which were still in Anaconda.

Reconnecting to Anaconda modules and files

After puzzling over the eric6 setup form, Detlev advised me to change the Python interpreter listed for the 'Debugger' section from the Python 3.5 belonging to my Mint installation and instead point it towards the Python 3.6 in my Anaconda installation.


Then voila, everything worked fine. All my libraries were available again.


A couple of minor issues were that I had misunderstood some of the voluminous settings entries and once I understood my way around them, all was well.

Now when I develop PyQt5 apps they shut down properly and I don't waste time getting the IDE running again.

Well done, Detlev!

Mike Stott
Ottawa, Canada